Friday, June 27, 2008


I received this video a couple weeks ago and with all the TV and DVD changes in my home was just able to watch it this week. I was so glad to have the chance to preview this and watch it before our next trip.

TripFlix was inspired by a long car ride to the beach by a couple of parents just like you and I!
This video was born because like us, they know kids need to be entertained on these rides and what better way to do it then with a fun and educational DVD that will show off our great USA.

TripFlix lets you pick your route and create your own adventures packed
with exciting locations, fun trivia, interactive activities, and even a few
dance lessons. Along with Alex and Emily, you'll train dolphins, fly
rockets, rope cattle, tour a big-league ballpark and much much more!

First of all the two characters, Alex and Emily are very cool. They are the teenagers that take us on the tours through the country. My daughter enjoyed watching these two older kids show her the fun things we could do while traveling. They are funny and since they seem to be enjoying themselves really would help kids look forward to doing what they are doing!

They used current movies and gadgets to appeal to kids. I can see where this would be especially useful with older kids who may not be exactly excited about traveling across country in a van.

They do a little tidbit on Rock City in Georgia that I was interested in. I wish I would have watched it before we went to Georgia, but there was the Gnome scene that kinda freaked my little kids out. They really think there are gnomes lurking in the woods now and have no desire to go there. But then when they showed the See Seven States lookout point, that seemed pretty cool to them.

I think it is great if you are planning a trip across a couple states and need some planned stops. It gives a great overview of some cool places to visit.

I like that the menu is by regions of the country, but I would also love to see a menu with state selections. Then you could pick a state and see what is a no miss there. But with 25 different locations on this DVD you will not want for places to visit on a road trip.

Overall, it was entertaining, something different for the kids to watch in the car and very well done. I would recommend it for sure!

See more details here and get your own copy.

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