Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mama Mirabelle's Home Movies

Insider Mom Network sent me a box of DVDs of one episode of this new show on PBS, National Geographic Kids, Mama Mirabelle's Home Movies

It was meant to go to the MOPS group at my church but the box actually arrived after the MOPS group finished for the year. So, I am passing them out to every other mom I know and to my bible study group next week.

I did sit with my kids yesterday to watch the episode "Eyes, Ears, Noses, Trunks". It was a great lesson on the 5 senses and how different animals use them.

My kids informed me they had actually already watched this show on PBS and they liked it Okay, they watched this show when? Without me knowing? I am so on top of things going on here in this house!

Anyway, my 7 year old watched it and requested to watch it over again. My 4 year old watched it over and over again - 4 times.

I liked the cartoon peppered with the real live footage of animals. I thought it was engaging for the kids and educational to boot.

The characters were sweet and cute. I like the accents - Australian or British - something along those lines. I know they are not the same, but I am just not in tuned enough to know the difference. The accents were cute - that's all.

I think marketing it to kids any younger than 3 and older than 7 would be wasteful. It seems like it would be hard to keep the attention of a toddler or a pre-tween. Too much for the younger one, too little for the older one.

I like that it is associated with National Geographic Kids and that gives me a sense of security about the integrity of the series. I have always enjoyed publications put out by National Geographic and find the way they communicate to children about animals is both interesting and fun.

So, yes I will be DVRing this show for my kids to tune into daily. Good stuff.

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