Thursday, December 11, 2008


I have been a long time fan of these Parents Toys. I think they are perfect for little fat baby hands and the colors are so bright, but soft. I bought them for my kids as toddlers a lot. I especially love this phone and these keys for little ones.

Even though they didn't get the highest review - I love them. They keep them mucho busy in the back seat.

Team Mom just sent me this cool little camera. My kids actually did play with it a bit even though they are well beyond the age to enjoy this for too long. They want REAL cameras. So, they can take pictures of the inside of my van, the tops of the trees and each other's feet. Thank goodness for digital cameras.

Anyway, this little Look-at-Me Camera is perfect for a child 12 + months and retails for $9.99 at Target. is a great resource for moms and dads. I know that I lived for the Parents magazine to arrive each month when I was a new mom. It always has great advice from other real moms and then the advice from experts on any and every topic for your kids. The advice really helped me know what was normal and not so normal behavior for my child in his or her age group.

So, I loved when Parents came out with toys because they are age appropriate and are great for imaginary play.

Their philosophy, When the toy does less, the child does more really is something a mom can get excited about.

For more information about Parents toys check out and

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Delgo Review

Have you heard about this new movie coming out?


I got to watch a sneak peak trailer of this movie and I have to say that it seems pretty cool.
Normally, I am not much of a fantasy type of movie goer. But with the kids getting older they are drawn to more of these movies, so I have to preview them and I like many of them.

It is nice to escape into a fantasy world for a bit with the kids. It provides for much discussion later and more color to their already vivid imaginations.

As I watched the trailer and heard the voice actors commentaries, I was immediately drawn into the characters. Their faces are so strange at first glance but as I saw that they were developed after the actors whose voices they carry, I saw so much personality in them.

The story is one of a forgotten enemy, a forbidden love (who doesn't like a good ole' forbidden love story) and a fantastic adventure.

Jennifer Love Hewitt who does the voice of Lyla (Delgo's forbidden love) says the film reminds her of being in a painting.

The film releases December 12. You can check out the trailer and register for some prizes at

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