Thursday, October 23, 2008

Going Aquatic!

Oh, we get some kind of dirty in this house! I encourage lots of playtime outside and that means lots of dirt. While my kids love to play in the bath sometimes it is hard to get them to actually come inside to do that.

Bathtime was never so much fun as it is with the Bath Blizzard by Kid Kleen. This toy creates many bubbles for tubtime and my kids did love it.

Basically, you take this toy and load it up with water and bubbles. Turn it on and watch a waterfall of bubbles fall into the tub. The kids really did squeal with delight.

I will say that the fun did not last as long as we hoped. I would say we got about 3 minutes of bubbles out of it. That was disappointing. I do wish it would have lasted longer.

However, if you have a younger child that has a hard time getting into the tub, this would do the trick! My almost 8 year old was not as impressed as my 4 year old.

They actually have an entire line of kids' bath activity toys that are all about getting kids clean in the bath, at the sink and everywhere in between!

It retails for $19.99, the bubbles are safe and non-toxic, it is made for the tub and it is fun!!!

The second toy we received to review is this AquaDoodle mat. The kids have a smaller AquaDoodle board but they loved this one because they could both play on it at the same time and have plenty of room.
No Mess Magic! The pictures on the mat magically disappear without any mess to clean up.
Just Add Water to the aqua pen and draw the fun pictures - it's like magic! Then wait for it to dry and do it all over again.
The mat retails for $24.99 and is a great toy for smaller kids. Although, my almost 8 year old spent more time on it than my 4 year old boy. But she loves to draw.